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Removing Spyware

Spyware can build up on your computer and slow your PC down over time. Spyware can sneak onto your computer from web browsing or web downloads. In order to keep a clean computer, you need to find and remove this spyware every few weeks or so. Ad-Aware from is a great and free spyware removal tool.

How To Remove Spyware

  • Download and install a spyware removal tool
  • Open up the Spyware removal tool and then update the spyware definitions
  • Close all internet browsers
  • Run the spyware scan
  • Delete or quarantine any spyware that the tool finds
You may want to run the spyware scan in Windows safe mode. This will help the tool quicker and give it the ability to remove as much spyware as it can. I would also recommend running the spyware scan twice the first time you do it. Often times, I notice that the first scan and clean doesn't catch all the spyware.

Remove Spyware Regularly

You should run the spyware removal tool on a pretty regular basis. I would recommend running the scan at least monthly to make sure your PC stays spyware free. I always find it easy to just run the spyware scan right after I finish running a virus scan. One more way to make this easier is to find a tool that allows you to schedule the spyware scan. That way you won't forget about it.

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